Beautiful Travel Landscape In Zurich

Beautiful Travel Landscape In ZurichPin It

The city of Zurich is the capital of Switzerland ,it is one of the largest cities in Switzerland. It is the transportation hub for Swiss railways, roads and air traffic. It is also the global banking and financial center, and one of the 25 most comfortable cities for human beings in the world.It is the leading city,and also a must-see city for global tourism.

It is located on the northern end of Lake Zurich about 30 kilometers north of the Swiss Alps, between the western and eastern wooded hills. The city is over 2000 years old and has a rich cultural heritage and cultural environment.

The old towns on the two banks of the Limmat River are picturesque. Most of the venues in Zurich are located here. Churches and houses are gathered here, including the historical remains of the Roman castle Lindenhof and the Carolingian Palace, The famous Bahnhofstrasse houses have the most expensive shops in Switzerland.

Here all photography about Zürich is done by Harry.Enjoy!

Zürich In Cherry Bloom

This is a street full of cherry bloosom & a cute VW camper van. Spring is coming,then what a difference this 2 weeks made,you can had a bicycle ride around around this neighborhood to fight the jet lag,and you will discovered this beautiful street of cherry blossoms. Fortunately, you didn’t miss the entire season. via source

Happy Colourful Friyay

Beautiful Travel Landscape In ZurichPin It

Super proud of this beautiful heritage architecture! The colours are simply dreamy!Everyone love the colourful facade of these buildings!then stay here is a good way to start the morning.a morning walk to check out these beautiful bright heritage Peranakan houses, and many foodie pit stops, made us feel like home again. This is a good walk story! via source

Spring Blooming Magnolia In Front Of The St Jakob Church

Beautiful Travel Landscape In ZurichPin It

The simplest and beautiful things in life are free!Like Spring! Pretty in is a beautiful gift of this season,there can never be too many springblossompictures – especially staged so beautiful! Nature is so empowering and glorious.Magnolias are simply our absolute favorites, and the best spot to view them is right in front St Jakob church in Stauffacher. and the scent is divine! via source

Colourful Tulips At Local Farmers Market

Beautiful Travel Landscape In ZurichPin It

How wonderful – spring is finally making its entre.It’s the best season for blooms and colours! Everything seems to be waking up! How happy at our local farmers market with all these beautiful colourful tulips! A sun shining and warm weekend. via source

Amazing Shot Of Zürich

Beautiful Travel Landscape In ZurichPin It

This is our beautiful destinations zürich,when you dreaming of warmer sunset evenings! please fingers crossed,the spring arrives! zürich is always an awesome and ace idea!This city is super magical during dusk and dawn! Fingers crossed the warmer weather descended upon us soon! via source

Pretty Little Store In Kreis 5

Beautiful Travel Landscape In ZurichPin It

A peek into this pretty little store in Kreis 5,What a beautiful little shop interior decoration! How to keep it so green and charming is a mystery! we love all the greenery inside! It is located right next to HB, this has been always one of our pitstops when in this area. via source

A Part Of Zurich Old Town

Beautiful Travel Landscape In ZurichPin It

Sometime you will lost in zurich, but the beauty of getting lost in this city, is being able to discover new places. when I looking for a shop in old town, and got a tad lost between all the beautiful alleys and shops here in Neumarkt. It’s a beautiful picturesque little part of Zürich! you will fall in love with this city. via source

Old School Gelato Stands On Rimini, At Lake Zürich

Beautiful Travel Landscape In ZurichPin It

The sunshine will brought you back to the lake! It is another excuse to come back to visit!I think you can’t miss the magical moment to enjoy some gelato by the water! The seasons make it more exciting every time it comes back round! The reminiscence of old school gelato stands on Rimini,here at Lake Zürich.It will be a euphoric feeling. via source

Star Sight, Star Bright

Beautiful Travel Landscape In ZurichPin It

Lucy will be lighting up the streets tonight, and people are super duper excited! This is absolutely most magical time of the year! Christmas in Zürich is delightful! The most magical season has dawn upon us, where our streets light up gloriously and smells of divine glühwein. What is your favourite part of this festive season? via source

The Cutest & Quaint Little Swiss Alpine Village

Beautiful Travel Landscape In ZurichPin It

This charming car free village set by the sheer drop cliffs at 1,638 meters high. Can’t believe this village is merely a 2hrs drive away! It is the most cutest little Swiss alpine village. Everyone who comes here will be fell deep in love with this gorgeous village in Mürren! There are many charming corners here in Mürren! Mürren has the most spectacular views towards the mountains Eiger, M?nch & Jungfrau. you can also rather amused to hear James Bond tunes everywhere, as Schilthorn was made famous by 1969 James Bond’s movie ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. This picturesque village has beautiful corners everywhere! via source

Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots In Zürich

Beautiful Travel Landscape In ZurichPin It

It is such a dreamy start after a gray long winter!Dancing excitedly until this beautiful scene in Idaplatz arrives again! Our favourite cherry blossom viewing spots in Zürich.Your trip looked like it was worth to stay in Zurich. via source

Snowy Spring

Beautiful Travel Landscape In ZurichPin It

Looks like sunny spring has lost our memo, This city looks mighty fine in this snow! via source

EnSoie’s Shops Windows

Beautiful Travel Landscape In ZurichPin It

This is a particular corner- a little bit of shopping in EnSoie, a little bit of coffee from ViCafe, and a whole lot of view up at Lindenhof. Zürich’s shops windows are something unique! And the magical mood in snowy is lovely, you simply can’t enough of this charming city. via source

The Old Strozzi Place

Beautiful Travel Landscape In ZurichPin It

This has to be one of the prettiest lead up to a courtyard in this city! Plus the cafe near the farmers market at Bürkliplatz serves delicious soy chai lattes & almond croissant. Winning! via source


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